Evil Cults

Evil Cults in Crooked Realms known to give each other nods in the passing by, when not slaying each other for ultimate power;

Name of the order Name of worshipped being Power of being Sphere

Crimson Knights The Crimson Knight Exarch Tactics

Cult of the Dragon Dargon Large Dragon (lesser primordial) Fire

Order of Orcus Orcus God Death

Court of the Raven Queen The Raven Queen God Death

Pandemonium Pandemonium Spire Primordial Chaos

The Cabal of the Nine Hells The Nine Circles of Hell Bel.. ..Mephistopheles (Archdevils) All circles of hell

Fist of Vaprak Vaprak Exarch Frenzy

Golden Abbathorans Abbathor Exarch Greed

The Threshold Loviathar God Pain

Evil Cults

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